3 Ways to use Guerrilla Marketing on YouTube

The recent post I did explaining what Pocodot was got me thinking. Although their marketing technique has annoyed some people, as wherever they go on YouTube they find a comment mentioning their brand name, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t worked. Hey, yet again I am mentioning the new social-networking websites, I haven’t got anything to do with it, I have no real interest in it, but I’m helping spread the world by writing this article and the one I wrote last week.

Although Pocodot doesn’t interest me, how they have marketed and promoted their company has. They have used Guerrilla Marketing to get their brand name out in the open and make people constantly see it, so that they then do go on Google and search for the term, or make blog posts explaining what it is. It’s a great idea, but on which isn’t used nearly as much as I would have expected. With such big marketing teams in companies nowadays, it’s surprising that they haven’t used these ideas before. On the other hand, it must be hard. Pocodot have used the technique of getting comments on YouTube, containing their name, into the highest rated comments. This would involve about 40+ people voting for their comment. Who does that? Surely it can’t be the normal users as YouTube, as the comments don’t really stand for much and in some cases don’t make much sense. This may mean that Pocodot have 40+ accounts which they are using to boost their comments. We will probably never know the full details, but we can speculate and I believe the former is probably being used.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

I’ve done a post on this topic before, so if you would like to read a bit more into the subject, please learn How to Promote Your Website with Guerrilla Marketing.

Guerrilla marketing is marketing using your imagination, energy and a lot of time. It takes away from the conventional methods of promoting a product or service and goes with something much more wild and unconventional. This includes reaching out to people by doing unexpected things in unexpected places.

3 Ways to use Guerrilla Marketing on YouTube

In this post I would like to give you three ideas which could help you use YouTube to get your name out there.

1 – Create a Video to go Viral

Easy said than done. A lot easier said than done. However, if you manage it you could be in the money. One of the great things about YouTube is that any old person can become a hit overnight, if you make the right video, one which any kind of people will watch, then you have yourself a hit and no doubt it will be posted all over the internet, in turn getting you lots and lots of free promotion. The problem is though that making a video that could is obviously very hard. But is that really that much of a problem? Marketing departments of a company spend a lot of money trying to promote products and services, and most of this money (in big companies) is probably spent on putting the actual advertisement live, maybe on TV. Thinking about it though, you could instead make that advert, spend a bit more time and money on it and then put it straight onto YouTube, forget about the high costs of TV, Radio etc. It’s a lot more risky, but you’ve already saved loads of money and if you video gets some hits; starts to spread then you have yourself some very cheap promotion.

2 – High Rating Comments

I won’t go into as much detail here, but as with the company I mentioned in the first two paragraphs, you could go onto YouTube videos make an insightful comment with your brand name within the comment and then rate it to the top and get a buzz around your name.

Now, there are two ways to approach this idea. You could do as I suspect Pocodot did and have many of their own accounts voting up annoying comments, or alternatively you could go down the better route and try and actually make comments which people agree with, which people respect, this in turn would get your comment up to the top and instead of people being annoyed by your company at the first step, they will just be interested and again, you have lots of free promotion.

3 – Gets Lots of Videos with Your Name In

Finally, and probably the hardest is to do follow the same kind of thing we did with the comments getting in the highest rated slots, but this time try and get your name in lots of different videos. It doesn’t have to be very obvious, it could just be your name on someone’s wall when they are talking, and they don’t even need to mention you in the actual video.

This may sound a bit nothingy at the moment, but by having your name in these kind of places people will eventually start remembering your name and be interested in looking up your company and brand. The good thing about this as well is that people hopefully won’t even realise that you are marketing, if they just see a sticker with your name on it, on someone’s wall, who is to think that is an advertisement?

Now, this all sounds great, but the hardest part is trying to get your name into people’s videos. Do you pay them? Just ask? Well it depends on your contacts really, if you know lots of people who love using YouTube and you are friends with them, asking for a favour will probably work. However, if you don’t know many YouTube users, you may have splash out a little bit of cash. But still, it’s cheaper than conventional marketing!

Got any more ideas on how to utilise YouTube for marketing purposes? Tell us in the comments.

Image: Carrie and Emmett at You Tube by Carrie Writer

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