Advert Review: Go Compare

It’s Monday again and time for another advert review. Today I would like to look at another television advert, as they are the easiest ones to review for you and I. I can post a YouTube video up and then we can all have a quick look.

If you would like to catch up on this series then please take a look at this tag. The last review on billboards is a much if you want to see some great marketing techniques.

Today’s Marketing Techniques – Television Advert

As I have already covered television adverts, please take a look at the overview on my previous post.

Today’s Advert – Go Compare

As I previously did a post on the Compare the Market websites advert, I have decided to do a follow-up which is a review of their rivals Go Compare.

The character in Compare the market is lovable and has done great in advertising the company. On the other hand Go Compare has possibly the most annoying advert I have ever seen and I’m surprised that they are still making variations on it. If you follow the YouTube video to the actual YouTube page, you will see how many dislikes it has.

However, you also have to think, is it working because it is annoying? By making an annoying advert people remember it and then despite the advert, they will visit the website, because at the end of the day, the advert isn’t anything to do with the service they provide, so people haven’t lost confidence in them.

OK I just paused writing to watch it again. Kill me now

Please comment with your impressions of this advert.


  1. That add has giving me heart problems.
    I hope sky get rid of it 3-4 years dashing to the
    Remote to change it or mute, which ever station It’s played on f#cking
    Nightmare to relax and watch tv I hate really hate it.
    To much in your face and ear …..go compare go f#ck off.

    • Haha, this shows how annoying the advert is.

      Thanks for the comments,
      Simon Duck

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