Don’t Be Afraid to Promote In the Real World

This is one of the areas which I feel I let myself down. I just don’t do any kind of promotion to people I actually know, I haven’t told them about my blogging or websites, which in many ways is stupid because it’s free promotion which I could really do with.

Get Away Online

I think one of the main reasons for this is because I use the internet as a place to get away from the real world, a place to relax and do what I want. But as I gradually use my websites more and more in transition with my life, I need to start promoting it to people I know.

Why Telling Your Friends Is the Best Way to Promote

They Care

Promoting to people you know may be harder, as you care more about how the judge the website and think of you because of it, but in the end it is the best promotion because these are people who know you, care about you and are truly interested in what you do, which in turn means they are the people who are likely to take on board your website and then use it.

Constructive Criticism

Although we have plenty of opportunities to see what people think of your website online, because you don’t know them that well, you are more likely to just let the advice slip and ignore it. When a friend who you have known for quite some time gives you some criticism, you are more likely to take it onboard as you trust their opinion. Also because you do actually know them… You’ll probably believe the advice more.

Friends Are Friends

In the end your friends in real life are actually your friends, this is nothing against knowing people online, but when you know someone’s voice, recognise them and talk to them face to face, you are much better friends. And being a good friend is giving the other person what they want, but also pushing them so that they can achieve more.

By telling your friends you can build a little community, which will seem more inviting as everyone is speaking as they know each other, and consequently this will lead to stronger growth. As well as this you will be able to gather information which you wouldn’t from people online, as your friends want to help you achieve your goals and push you.

My Experience

Although I stated at the beginning I had not done this, it is slightly untrue. That sentence was written a few months back when I hadn’t done it. Since then I started a couple of websites and decided to share them with everyone on my course at University, and guess what? They got used a lot for a revision and exam tool and now they earn a good stream of money. If I hadn’t told these people I knew it would have taken months to build the traffic I needed, and as I build it about 2 months before the exam, it would have become useless until the next year.

Telling people you know is scary, but once done, can be a great leap forward

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