Listen to Your Own Advice

Whilst completing one of my targets for the month, I realised something. I miss my old writing; I miss the way you can see my thoughts roll from my head onto the paper and, here’s hoping, into the minds of my readers.

Over the last year I have come to develop a strong love for the written word, I love those poetic ways people can make their points, and I hope to be one of those people.

The Internet is a wild place, one where I read articles which make me wish upon a power cut, more often than not I will read an article which makes me ponder the ways I produce work and my ways of life, then occasionally, occasionally, I find a gem which makes you hang your head in shame, in a way that you are proud at least some people are leading the way.

Teaching the Best

I am no teacher, I never have been and I never will be. I don’t have enough patience, believe me, ask for some help on a computer and I will try my hardest, but inside my temperature will be boiling.

This is me making a point. I am not trying to educate you into doing everything the way I do. I am trying to make you think about the way you do things; think about why you do things and then in turn, improve upon your original structure.

That’s what Blogging is about

It’s true. Or that is what I believe anyway. You shouldn’t see these other bloggers and do what they are telling you should do, don’t think because they have presented ten ways of driving traffic to your website you should try them all, instead take them as a starting point and expand on them to build your own way though the online world.

Give a Hand, Accept a Finger

You see so many people trying to emulate others, but this just shows a lack of imagination. If you believe in yourself so much, shouldn’t you believe that you can be your own person, do your own thing, instead of just copying another person’s talents?

Obviously they are all questions which are unlikely to be answered. You can look up to someone, but never try and be them. Be your own person and make your own path.

I Should Follow My Own Advice

Whilst I write this down, looking at my screen with a bottle in my hand, I realise I need to take my own advice. I forget sometimes that the points I’m putting on my websites, which are trying to lead you to more ideas, are pieces of information I should take on-board myself.

Don’t let your own teachings (?) just be for others. If you have these great points to make, you obviously have a plan for yourself, so why are you not putting that in action?

Another question for only me to answer, as these are the questions I constantly ask myself in my mind. Now it is on paper I should take action… and so should you!


  1. Hi Simon,

    Nice to know that you are creating and following your own path. Having our own imagination is very important otherwise we would start sounding like others. Though I take inspiration from other authors, I try to add my personality to my blog posts.

    Best wishes to you.

    • I completely agree with you Ashvini, if we don’t add our own personality in our blogs we will end up sounding like everyone else.

      In my opinion, there’s already too much of that going on.

      However, whether it is intentional or not is another story.

      • There is really a lot of copycat bloggers out there David, and I am glad that I am talking to people who are trying to step out of the mold and create their own identity!

        Personality is everything, this is how presidents have won without having a clue, how war heroes fight for their lives whilst being scared out of their minds, and how people overcome disabilities to win once again. With our personality we can achieve anything.

        Simon Duck

    • Hi Ashvini,

      Exactly my point. Although in the past I have used other peoples ideas and tried to improve upon them, I am on a path now where I want to improve myself and others around me by presenting my own ideas and allowing people to think about them and give me feedback.

      Using other peoples ideas shouldn’t be frowned upon though, some of the best inventions etc. have come from people using others work, but we must show these people and make our own ideas to follow through on the initial concept.

      Simon Duck

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