Why Is Brand Image and Brand Reputation So Important?

I have been banging on about brand image and brand reputation a lot in the last few posts, as I have wanted to make people think about how important your businesses brand is and why you need to invest a lot in it. In this post I would like to go over why a businesses brand image is so important, and why you need to keep an eye on it.

Why Is Brand Image So Important?

Brand Image matters so much in business, and this is because it is the way people will look at your company, it is what affects who shops at your store, who buys your products and who uses your services. When first starting up your business, you need to have a clear idea at who you are marketing your business at. If you want to be green, so you get all of the environmental people on your side, then you have to make your brand green. If you are selling to people who are willing to pay a premium price, you have to have quality in your brand.

Without a brand image which in some way reflects what you want to achieve, you won’t be able to meet your objectives, as you will get the wrong customers, or in the extreme case, no customers and this will lead to you making no money and therefore no profits. You have to set out with a clear target and the easier way for people to get the message of what you want to do, is through your brand image. Everything leads back to brand image, the promotion you do, the prices you sell your products at, even your staffs attitude.

This is why brand image and brand reputation is so important! It defines your business.

A short and sweet post today, as all I wanted to do was round up lasts weeks posts:

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